As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking for better ways to do things. We have a better way to treat clients:

Offit Kurman Promises


1 | Minimal Cost Consultation.

It’s important to start the attorney-client relationship on the right foot.

2 | Dynamic Solutions for Client’s Legal Needs.

Every client is different. Our clients are not matter numbers in a file or billable hours on an invoice. They’re people whose legal needs are important to them. We promise to work with our clients to craft the most appropriate solution to their legal needs.

3 | No Fees to Talk to Your Lawyer. Period.

Nothing cheapens the lawyer-client relationship more than feeling you’re “on the clock” during conversation. We promise not to charge our clients to speak with their attorney.

4 | Written Follow-Up.

It’s important that clients know their lawyer understands them. At your request, after speaking with your lawyer, we promise to follow up our conversation in an e-mail or letter. Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing we’re on the same page.

5 | 24 Hour Return.

Communicating with your lawyer should not be difficult. We promise to do our best to return all e-mails, voicemails, and calls within 24 hours.

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