Practice Areas

Offit Kurman is a dynamic, entrepreneur driven firm dedicated to representing clients across a range of practice areas. The maintains practices in real estate law ranging from landlord/tenant to land use. Visit the “Promises” page for our new way of representing clients.


Landlord & Property Owner Advocacy

New York and New Jersey have highly specific and nuanced property laws that affect nearly every activity on real estate. From landlord-tenant relationships to zoning/variance and land use compliance, property owners must be careful to follow the full range of applicable laws. For most, these laws interfere with managing or improving their property according to their vision. Offit Kurman provides advice, counsel and advocacy across this wide spectrum ensuring that property disputes are resolved efficiently and effectively. By addressing problems the right way, the first time, we help property owners avoid costly delays and get back to business.

Consumer & Tenant Advocacy

As an advocate for consumers and tenants, Offit Kurman ensures that those injured by unlawful practices are vindicated. The Firm protects consumers and tenants against the use of any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation by businesses or landlords. The laws of New York and New Jersey provide broad protections to consumers and tenants– we’re here to ensure those protections are effective.

Legal Fees:
The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act allows consumers to recover legal fees against businesses for proven violations. The purpose of the Act is to protect consumers from fraud (small and large) and ensure they can find the representation to do so. In certain cases, a consumer can bring an action without experiencing the financial pain of up front legal costs.

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